1. How long will it take to receive my refund?

If you have the IRS direct deposit your refund, you may receive your refund in 8 to 10 business days.  There are cases where it can take 21 days or longer,  maybe up to 10 weeks if the IRS is doing further review. 

If you are receiving a check from the IRS, you can expect the check to be mailed in 3 to 4 weeks.  Again if the IRS does a review, it can be 10 weeks before a check is mailed. 

2. Why would my tax return be reviewed?

It is one of the unknowns of the universe.  I have called the IRS several times on delayed returns only to get the response, “the taxpayer’s refund could take up to 10 weeks for a review.”  The IRS employee can offer no explanation as to why, because their system does not have the answer.  Often there is no notice sent to the taxpayer.  The IRS will only send a notice if more documents are required. 

3. Can I have the tax preparation fee deducted from my refund?

No.  You will need to pay for your tax return in full or enroll into one of our success packages in the prior July or August.  The success packages include preparation of your tax return. 

4. How much do you charge to prepare tax returns?

We do not offer just tax returns for our clients.  We use a custom process that helps our clients systematically achieve their individual and business goals faster.  This process includes preparation of your tax return and taking care of your accounting work. 

5. How does the custom process work?

We start by understanding what you want most from your business and financial life.  Next, we put together a defined strategy for how we can achieve the goals faster together.  Then, we manage the steps and action items in your plan, that includes taking care of your taxes and accounting.  Lastly, we provide year-round service to pro-actively provide solutions to your needs and to provide access to our team at no additional cost. 

6. What if I only want my taxes prepared?

We can do just your tax return.  The minimum fee is $200.  You will be enrolled in our reporting only package.