1. How much are your payroll services?

Our basic fees is $30 per pay period and $2.25 per check.  Quarterly payroll compliance reports are $100 per quarter.  Annual W-2’s are $5 per W-2.
All these fees are waived when enrolled in the business success package or the accounting success package.

2. Can we just use your payroll service?

Yes.  Though we do recommend you enroll in one of our success packages to get the full benefit of the services we offer.

3. Is direct deposit available?

Yes.  You can have just one or all your employees enrolled in direct deposit for no additional cost.

4. How do the payroll taxes get paid?

All clients are required to prefund and have the payroll taxes deducted from their account with each payroll.  The funds are then sent to the IRS on or before the due date for the payroll taxes.

5. How do you handle the quarterly payroll reporting?

All of the reports that can be electronically filed are automatically filed for the client.  Any reports that have to be paper filed are uploaded to the client portal for the client to print, sign, and send a check if needed.

6. Does your payroll service integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes.  A free integration tool and paid guidance is provided to help you download information from Payroll Relief into Quickbooks.

7. How are the W-2’s and other annual filings handled?

These forms are automatically calculated and filed.  Copies uploaded to the client portal for employers.  Employee W-2’s can be printed by the employer
or released to the employee portal for employees to print themselves.

8. Do you provide employee portals for paystubs and W-2’s?

Yes.  All is needed is the employee’s email address.  Access to the portal can be granted for the employee access copies of paystubs and W-2’s.

9. Can I have more than one pay period?

Yes.  We can setup as many different pay periods as you need.

10. Can I do my own payroll or does Cash Tracks Financial have to do my payroll?

You make the choice.  Do your own payroll with our system using your personal log in or send us the information to process.

11. Do we need to provide printed checks for payroll?

No preprinted checks are needed to print payroll.  All we need is your bank information and signature to use MICR printing onto blank check stock that we keep on hand.

12. What payroll reports are available?

A complete payroll report set is available with each payroll and uploaded to the client portal.

13. How are my payroll service fees paid?

For payroll only services, an automatic ACH is processed with each payroll for the applicable payroll fee.