At Cash Tracks Financial, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and offer transparent pricing.

Tax Preparation FAQs

If you have the IRS direct deposit your refund, you may receive your refund in 8 to 10 business days. There are cases where it can take 21 days or longer, maybe up to 10 weeks if the IRS is doing further review.

If you are receiving a check from the IRS, you can expect the check to be mailed in 3 to 4 weeks.  Again if the IRS does a review, it can be 10 weeks before a check is mailed.

It is one of the unknowns of the universe. I have called the IRS several times on delayed returns only to get the response, “the taxpayer’s refund could take up to 10 weeks for a review.” The IRS employee can offer no explanation as to why, because their system does not have the answer. Often there is no notice sent to the taxpayer. The IRS will only send a notice if more documents are required.

No. You will need to pay for your tax return in full or enroll into one of our success packages in the prior July or August. The success packages include preparation of your tax return.

We do not offer just tax returns for our clients. We use a custom process that helps our clients systematically achieve their individual and business goals faster. This process includes preparation of your tax return and taking care of your accounting work.

We start by understanding what you want most from your business and financial life. Next, we put together a defined strategy for how we can achieve the goals faster together. Then, we manage the steps and action items in your plan, that includes taking care of your taxes and accounting. Lastly, we provide year-round service to pro-actively provide solutions to your needs and to provide access to our team at no additional cost.

We can do just your tax return. The minimum fee is $220. You will be enrolled in our reporting only package.

No. The IRS requires that we have a W-2 from all your employers for the year before we can prepare your tax return.

Yes. We will need a complete record of all your purchases and sales (including if you used cryptocurrency to make any purchases).

No, we do not do estimates of refunds.

There is no additional fee for the purchase of a home. We recommend you provide us with your closing documents for us to copy to our permanent file.

New clients need to bring at least one year prior tax return; photo ID for the taxpayer and joint taxpayer; Social Security Cards for the taxpayer, joint taxpayer, and all dependents; and birth certificates for dependents to be claimed on the tax return.
All W-2’s, 1099’s, and the 1095-A if you had health insurance through a health insurance exchange.


Yes, if you meet all the tests for dependency. These tests include residence and proof of providing 50% or more of your mother’s support.

No. Social Security retirement or disability income is not reportable if it is your only source of income.

No. Social Security is not considered earned income for the qualification to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit.

We provide a free tax organizer, that lists all the deductions you can take. You can download an organizer from the Client Resources section. Contact the office and we can share an organizer with you electronically or on paper.

This depends on your filing status: Are you Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, or Head of Household? The source of your income also determines if you with have a filing requirement.

Accounting FAQs

We work with businesses from start-ups to mature businesses with annual sales up to $5 million.

Yes. We use cloud-based software that we set up for our clients with a chart of accounts. This allows clients to enter transactions, while we monitor the books and prepare reports.

Yes. We prepare and upload these monthly reports to the client’s portal.

Maybe. We check for compatibility with our software. We review each of these cases individually.

Yes, we can transfer each of these from your prior accounting system to our system.

Yes. We just check to proper box in the software to get the correct check to print.

No. All accounting clients are required to use our payroll system which integrates with the accounting system.

Yes. The accounting system will need to download your daily and weekly transactions.

The monthly fee varies depending on the needs of each client. After a free mutual exploration session, we can usually provide a monthly price for accounting services.

All monthly fees are paid with an ACH from your business bank account. You select the deduction date from the 1-28.

Payroll FAQs

Our basic fees is $30 per pay period and $2.35 per check.  Quarterly payroll compliance reports are $100 per quarter.  Annual W-2’s are $5 per W-2.

All these fees are waived when enrolled in the business success package or the accounting success package.

Yes.  Though we do recommend you enroll in one of our success packages to get the full benefit of the services we offer.

Yes.  You can have just one or all your employees enrolled in direct deposit for no additional cost.

All clients are required to prefund and have the payroll taxes deducted from their account with each payroll.  The funds are then sent to the IRS on or before the due date for the payroll taxes.

All of the reports that can be electronically filed are automatically filed for the client.  Any reports that have to be paper filed are uploaded to the client portal for the client to print, sign, and send a check if needed.

Yes.  A free integration tool and paid guidance is provided to help you download information from Payroll Relief into Quickbooks.

These forms are automatically calculated and filed.  Copies uploaded to the client portal for employers.  Employee W-2’s can be printed by the employer or released to the employee portal for employees to print themselves.

Yes.  All is needed is the employee’s email address.  Access to the portal can be granted for the employee access copies of paystubs and W-2’s.

Yes.  We can setup as many different pay periods as you need.

You make the choice.  Do your own payroll with our system using your personal log in or send us the information to process.

No preprinted checks are needed to print payroll.  All we need is your bank information and signature to use MICR printing onto blank check stock that we keep on hand.

A complete payroll report set is available with each payroll and uploaded to the client portal.

For payroll only services, an automatic ACH is processed with each payroll for the applicable payroll fee.