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Marcelino: Hello, and welcome to The Tax Answers Advisor. I am Marcelino Dodge, show number 18 and building it’s been an exciting, exciting journey and he will continue this journey for a long time. I’m going to send a big thank you out to those of course listening throughout the US, but not just here but throughout the world, including China and Canada and other countries, it’s been a genuine pleasure knowing that this podcast is being reached such a broad audience.

Anything that I discussed today, you’re certainly welcome to contact me at Cash Tracks Financial. You can also email me at, give me a call 844-394-4287. Well as we go into today’s program about choosing a tax preparer wisely, but also choose a financial partner. We kind of touched on why you should wisely choose your tax preparer in a previous show, but it’s such an important topic to discuss I just felt I needed to go through this again, as well as show some reasons why you need to look at a certain type of tax preparer.

Here’s a few updates, just to give you what’s happening in the tax world over the last weeks since our last show, want to remind everyone you’ve probably heard this in the news I know throughout the state of Colorado where I’m located, it’s been a topic, unemployment fraud has been rampant now. The reason I bring this up is because taxpayers are starting to receive their form 1099 G for unemployment benefits that they received in the year 2020.

Now, perhaps there could be two things happening here either one, you get a 1099 G for benefits, you did not receive or you get a 1099 G for unemployment benefits that are in excess of what you actually did receive. And in order to take care of this you have to contact your State Department of Labor, and get them to reissue the 1099 G and report, whatever that you actually did receive. And if you didn’t receive anything, you need to make sure you contact the Department of Employment and I did not get anything you need to update this, because it’s going to affect you if you don’t.

And so if you have a 1099 G in either case that either has too much income or income that you did not receive, still file your accurate tax return with either the correct amount of benefits, or zero benefits, but make sure you get the state agency to correct that 1099 G. It’s just absolutely vital because if you don’t, you’re going to get one of those IRS letters in about six to 12 months saying you have income that is unreported. So that is something you have to absolutely jump on like yesterday to get that corrected and but you don’t have to wait for the correct one. To file you go ahead and file if you have the records that indicate that allows you to file your tax return and do it on time. Take advantage also of the employee retention credit for employers that was extended by the legislation at the end of 2020.

We also appreciate that we touched on before is eligible PPP expenses are now deductible, even if the loan has been forgiven those expenses are now deductible which is a beauty for many businesses, even my own for that matter, so that’s as great. An update from the IRS came out those who take standard mileage rate when they use an auto when their, 56 cents a mile for the year 2021. And the big news of course the IRS announced.

And we mentioned this last week about the tax season officially starts Friday, February 12th, that is basically next week, from the time this podcast has been initially broadcast. So, with that coming in mind and if you’ve been watching any of the NFL or maybe other items. You have seen, at least in my mind the most unusual ads for Do-It-Yourself software companies. Advertising about their tax experts and so on, we’re gonna come back to that in just a moment.

Just want to give you a few reminders as well, with the tax season some we’ve been working with already and prepared some tax returns just waiting for that time to be able to get those acknowledgments from the IRS, but keep in mind you’re filing your tax return using a tax professional, getting a direct deposit from the IRS is free, it’s simple it’s secure. And I know from 20 years of doing this business is that that works, it works fabulous.

To get a direct deposit of your refund from the IRS and I highly recommend it for everybody if you don’t have a bank account, figure out a way to open one before you file your tax return and go in and get that. Also some tax payers that meet the requirements can also get the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is a very nice credit for those who have three children, but there are certain qualifications, and it’s also right for a lot of fraud I deal with this every year, people who want to try to claim children they’re not eligible to claim and there’s specific rules. I say don’t mess with it.

And the reason I say that, is because the IRS can always go back and collect on fraudulently filed Earned Income Tax Credit, so just make sure that you do it, you do it right with using a tax professional who knows what they’re doing and just really asked you a lot of questions is really the best route. Remember unemployment, if you received that during 2020 during the pandemic that is considered taxable income. Also, if you received, interest on a late refund that you got from the IRS.

That is also taxable income, the IRS pays you interest and they want tax on it. So anyway, keep that in mind, qualified self-employed people will also get a nice home office deduction for spaces that are exclusively used for business purposes. So keep that in mind, workers in the gig economy. We have various entities or various ones who are working a lot in the gig economy keep that in mind that you still have a tax responsibilities there and if you’re making enough, you may need to be start making estimated payments.

Charitable donations this year, be it to your religion of choice, or some other nonprofit type of organization, you do have the above a line $300 deduction you can take for 2020. So also, be sure to bring that into your tax professional, and your tax professional should be asking for it, which is something we’re asking for constantly, everybody just to remind them if they donated the cash. Let’s get that extra $300 deduction for you, it doesn’t give a lot of tax credit, but it gives some and of course we always want to do everything that we can on a legal basis.

Disasters, wildfires, flooding hurricanes, a lot of disasters this last year. The fires really made a lot of news throughout the country, there’s deadlines for various ones extended on these to do filing their taxes up into 2021 and, of course, be able to be willing to help anyone in those areas, who need help with tax assistance you’ve just stepped, as I mentioned, give me a call there 844-394-4287.

As I mentioned earlier, already we’ve seen television ads, radio ads for all this Do-it-yourself software. I don’t know about you, but when I see individuals on a laptop computer just kind of following you around on a desk, like that just seems a little odd to me, and they claim they’re going to give you a tax expert is going to help you to do your tax return and then they also throw the word free in there. Well I gotta warn you.

Free isn’t always free because there’s very specific guidelines that they have for to do free, and in some of those cases, they don’t even include the state return on that for you. And the other thing I asked with that particular airway is that you got that professional there, that’s helping you do your tax return. But, is that professional going to be there when you need assistance, later on in the year? Is that professional going to help you to solve other tax issues? Is that professional going to help you with tax questions throughout the year?

Do you have someone there that you consult? That is my big challenge with that because when you do use software for do-it-yourself. Essentially, what you’re doing is you’re trusting a professional supposedly I mean I don’t know these individuals. Some of them are probably very good people that work with those companies. But yet, you’re also putting a lot of trust in the software. And one area that I’ve learned in the years of doing tax preparation is that I use professional level of software specifically made for tax professionals. And what I have found though is that, in what I’ve learned to go into various seminars, is that you need to still know the rules, because the software does great when it comes to calculations, addition, subtraction, all of that. It does great but yet, one thing the software does not do and I’ve noticed this, especially with people who do a lot of do-it-yourself software is software just puts it, where, according to how you answer the questions that they put up, and you may not answer the questions correctly.

And thus you may have something put in a place on the tax return, that is not right. Especially if you have a small business, especially if you have rental homes, if you have a farm. We have one of these areas, you’re trusting the software to do it right, but one of the items I’ve known, and I’ve learned is that you can’t always trust the software to do everything right or put this stuff in the right place. It’ll calculate it correctly, but it doesn’t necessarily put it on the correct form in the correct place.

So, which is why whenever I work on a tax return and look at it very closely, I go back, I look at the forms, I look okay, is that in the right place for this situation. And then I verify that and there are times I have to go back in and say oh, and get the software adjusted to make sure it puts the number in the right place, on the right form. Because, it can end up costing you a lot of money and I’ve had that happen with a lot of people I’ve worked with, who have used Do-It-Yourself software, and they come in.

A year later, so with that tax return, or they have a letter from the IRS. And many cases we have to file an amended return because something that the do-it-yourself software did, just put it in the wrong place or didn’t calculate it correctly, and didn’t necessarily give them the best refund or the best tax, that they should have had as far as best tax rate that they should have had or hadn’t paid little tax.

So, I’m very, very cautious when it comes to do-it-yourself software because there’s a lot of challenges people have in the do-it-yourself software just is not always there to help you, they make it seem like it’s great. But yet, half the time, or many times, one’s end up having to come in and see the professionals because I’ve had people many times over the years, tried to do-it-yourself software, and something just went wrong.

And the next year, they came back because they just gave me their story of how they forgot to sign something, or they didn’t do something they thought they needed to sign on this line to get it right and they many times ended up waiting months for their refund. So, it’s just very interesting to see that it doesn’t always work out the way that to do-it-yourself software tax where the software places advertise.

So then, if we’re not going to do it use the do-it-yourself option. Then we need to select a tax professional help us do it. And as we’re looking at doing this and again you’re ready for the official start next week, looking at a tax preparer is very important. What is the qualifications of that person? Is this someone who is just there, part of the year? Is it a person that actually has some type of training? Have they worked with someone who has training?

Have they actually done a lot of study? How much education do they do each year just to keep themselves updated as things change? So that’s something that I take great pride in every year. I do well over 50 hours of various tax classes each year, just to prepare myself and to keep myself updated and to remind myself of various tax rules in various situations, being either individual or business type of returns.

And so what does that person doing to educate themselves? What’s the history of that person or that individual that professional, you’re looking at? Have they worked with someone for a while? Are they new to the business? What have they done? How would training, all that plays a part in selecting a tax preparer, and sometimes you can get a referral maybe someone you know has you someone that’s done a good job for them over the years and it takes care of these things, that’s always an option as well.

Does the preparer, this is very important, because there’s a lot of preparers out there who do it for a low cost, and I mean, low cost like maybe 25 or $50 for a tax return that maybe we charge three to $400 for, but we got to keep in mind though is that it’s like everything you get what you pay for. And all these low cost, they can even describe them as “ghost preparers”. What they do, is they do not actually sign the tax return because if you’ve ever used one of these low cost people at the bottom of it on the page, where this tax preparer is supposed to sign but their signature, especially because they use Do-It-Yourself software.

It says, self-prepared on it, so technically they have no responsibility for it, because all they did was put the numbers in to do it, but yet they still were paid by it. And when you’re paid to do a tax return, it doesn’t matter if you’re paid $1 or $1,000. You’re obligated by the IRS to sign that tax return, as well as what you’re obligated to do is to have a P10 which is a preparer tax ID number. Does that person that you’re working with, have that?

Everybody in my office has one, whether they prepare a tax return, or if they just enter information we all have one, because we feel that is our response ability to make sure that the taxpayers those who we work with, know that this person is basically has this ID number with the IRS, and that we do sign, the tax returns. Service fees, there’s various ways fees can be calculated. But one thing I tell absolutely everybody is that if you encounter, anybody that says we’re gonna do your fee based on a percentage of your refund, you just absolutely grab your stuff and run the other way, because that is just a bad way to do business. And, frankly, to me, it is unethical. And then another one is do they e-file your return? See, if you do more than 10 tax returns, you are required to e-file it. And when you e-file it, are you signing the proper forms, it’s an 8879 form that is very specific. It’s an authorization to transmit the return, are they e-filing it?

Are they just doing it and sending you a bunch of paperwork? They should not be doing that, they should be signing the return and transmitting it, e-filing it that way. If you would like, you can get a confirmation that it has been accepted by the IRS, we have those forms here that our software will generate if a client would like to have one, but we do that all the time here works very, very well.

Then of course, today, what options do they have? Paper copies, which we actually still give out some paper copies to those who would like and plus, we have electronic copies through our secure portal that we use, which is very important to make sure tax documents are available to clients and also so that if you do need something, you can easily get I if you need to. But yet, I deal with a lot of different clients, a lot of different age groups.

So yes, I still give the paper copies, I provide everybody with a paper copy of their tax return, along with back with their tax documents in a very nice folder that they can use and it’s actually a durable folder. I started using these plastic, plastic ones a couple years ago, they worked out very nicely. If I have someone that is not directly local to my area because I do ship a few out to New York or even within Colorado, I got some clients up in the Denver area.

I use a nice priority envelope tracking to send that return up there in the envelope so everybody gets a very nice tax return whether you’re in the office, or if you’re out of the area. We take excellent care of you by making sure you get some accurate paper copies when you do need it, to be able to help you, or if you’ve uploaded your documents we can still provide you with paper copy if you’d like. Otherwise, we do provide you with the electronic copy.

We’re going to go ahead and come back in just a few moments here and discuss about, how long is the tax professional available through the year for you? And how important this actually is for you in part of your financial success? This is Marcelino Dodge, be back in a couple minutes. This is The Tax Answers Advisor on the Voice America Business Channel.

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Are you wanting to grow wealth faster, save time and build a nest egg? Hire a tax pro who makes you money and does more than just file your tax return? Marcelino Dodge of Cash Tracks Financial identifies your key numbers, works year-round, improve your numbers, keeps you compliant and helps you achieve goals faster. Call Marcelino Dodge today, 719-336-8739 to schedule your free tax strategy review. Call 336-8739 or visit

Many people want to build wealth or grow their business faster, but do not know what specific numbers to look at that actually helped build monthly cash flow. Hire a tax pro who makes you money and does more than just filing your tax return? Marcelino Dodge of Cash Tracks Financial identifies your key numbers, works year-round to improve your numbers, keeps you compliant and helps you achieve goals faster. Schedule your free tax strategy review by calling 719-336-8739 or visit

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This is The Tax Answers Advisor with host, Marcelino Dodge. To reach our program today, please call in the number is 1-866-472-5790. That’s 1-866-472-5790. You may also send an email to or find out more at . Now back to The Tax Answers Advisor.

Marcelino: Welcome back to The Tax Answers Advisor, this is Marcelino Dodge. So happy you’re listening to the program today, as once again I’m discussing how important it is to select the proper tax preparer for you. The tax professional, is an absolute essential part of your financial success. Which is why, when you select a tax professional when you’re going to work with. It’s important to know, is this professional available to you, year around?

Because, strange things happen all we got to do is look at year 2020. And we know, strange things happen, unusual unexpected things can happen. We can have a job change, we can have any number of areas happen. We can end up on an employment. But yet, even with that we need to have a tax professional available to whom we can speak that way if something does happen, we can make sure we’re in the best financial position, best tax position possible.

So I recommend avoiding any tax professional, that is not available year around, if they’re only seasonal if their offices, even open only just maybe one day a week in the offseason. I mean, to me that’s just not good service to you as a client, as a taxpayer, you need someone that you can definitely get a hold of year-round. Someone that gets back to you within 24 hours, which is what we do here, if we don’t answer that phone. We’re back to you within 24 hours. In most cases it’s within just, just a little bit of time. Many times, it’s the same day. So it’s very important to have that.

And then we, as a policy here. We always ask for some type of records, we ask for receipts, at least we asked for the receipts to be organized as well. Are you keeping a proper ledger of income and expenses you should be, and a tax professional should be asking for those records to review and to know that way, what you’re doing, can be on a tax return and I do ask for that because it’s my responsibility.

And I could be fined, as a tax professional for not doing my due diligence is what it’s called in our business of making sure that the information that you’re providing me justifies the position we are taking on a tax return. Also as once again in selecting someone to assist you with your taxes never, ever sign a blank form for them, especially a blank 1040 or any other form. Never sign a blank form, because that’s just asking for trouble, as well as they can just do whatever once you’ve signed that form.

And you just don’t want them to do, you just don’t want to do that, it’s just not good practice, it’s not professional for anyone to ask that, thus we don’t do it. We, of course, we got forms individuals coming in sign. I think includes our annual engagement letter which we also send off for e-signature to those who are not in the office or not able to come to the office, whether they’re out of town or out of state.

We have this engagement letter that we always do through e-sign. We have other forms for due diligence, especially in regards to hit a household filing to certain tax credits filing that we have to get signed. And so, it’s important that you only sign legitimate forms that are completed, not blank there. And if you happen to encounter an abusive tax preparer or one that just puts income on the line that it doesn’t go on. You can report those abusive preparers to the IRS.

And it is not very good for anybody that has done business with that preparer, if they’ve been reported to the IRS. And if there’s one of these people out there that are preparing taxes for individuals that do not have a P10, and are not signing the tax returns, those people can be reported as well to the IRS. And that the IRS investigated as basically a fraudulent activity, which we work very hard here at Cash Tracks Financial, we do not allow any of that type, whether it comes from a client.

Course, we don’t do anything like that in the office and we demand the highest standards from the clients, with whom we do business. Yes, all clients are expected to basically, meet up to our expectations as a client to provide the information we need, the documentation we need, because if we’re going to take a position on a tax return. We need to know that you have the documentation to support it.

And that’s important because as a tax professional, we look at it, that it’s not just tax preparation we need to do any more for our clients. We need to be a financial partner for them to help our clients to be successful financially because it mentions on our website, we do not believe financial success is just for the rich and famous individuals. No, because all of us, all of us, no matter who we are, we want to earn a decent living.

We want to make more money, but so many times, and so many people that we work with and encounter, they just don’t know where to focus, they’re not sure what to look at, they’re not sure what to do. And thus, as they seek to get more cash flow. They don’t know what numbers to look at, to help them to get more cash flow, which is where all of us want is more cash flow. And so, they’re looking to help have one to help them to account, to help them to reach their financial goals, which is the first step of what we work to do with individuals, is to help you to reach your financial goals, help you to establish your financial goals.

Sit down, really get to know you and help you to reach those financial goals because, just seeing you, or talking to you. One time or a couple times of year and to help file your tax return. Now, that’s just not enough anymore especially as we, the tax could be changing here anytime we don’t for 2021. It may not change does look like anyway but going beyond 2021. We don’t know what’s going to happen legislatively, but we have to be prepared for that, because of taxes go up, they’re not just going up for a certain class of people, or a certain income of people, they’re going to increase for everybody.

And that’s one thing that we got to remember is that when the Tax Cut and Jobs Act was passed at the end of 2017. What was once the 15% tax bracket dropped to the 12% tax bracket, so we just got to remember that everybody’s taxes were reduced in 2017, and thus the reciprocal of that is that taxes may be going up for everybody, which is why we’re important to have all of us work together and to have someone in your court someone in there working with you, not just to help file your taxes.

And we think about it because we all want to spend money. Sometimes we spend too much money, but we also want to save money. And we also at the same time, we want to run our businesses. We see lots of ads out there, lots of information out there where people try to educate themselves and you know it’s great, it’s great to do reading, it’s great to do research. I certainly encourage ones to do that to learn on themselves to learn on their own. Once tried to download apps, there’s various Do-It-Yourself tools, all of this that is out there. But yet, even with all of this technology. All of these tools, all of this education, individuals do not always know how they will take that information and then apply it to their own personal situation to what they’re doing, because there’s many of these tools are very generalized and the reading is very generalized but does it really take them down to what’s really important for them.

And with technology, it’s been a great help. And with study, it’s still hard for individuals to sit down, and basically do two jobs. And this is true, two jobs, whether you’re trying to take care of your house, or if you’re running a business. It’s very difficult, because you’re trying to run your business, and also play finance manager in your business, and thus it can get very, very challenging it. Then we remember the old saying there, “I’m not a specialist, I’m a jack of all trades, a master of none”.

Well, essentially that’s what can happen in this is that you get yourself going, you get start getting frustrated you want to do more, but you just can’t. And you want to help yourself but you just still don’t know exactly what you need to look at. And then what results when you go in and do this, is that you get burnout. You’re making mistakes, and perhaps losing out on some money saving strategies.

And when you miss out on these various strategies is not just money saving strategies and many times because of lack of working with a professional, or financial partner throughout the year, you could be making some of that money you’re losing could be in taxes. Because you’re not meeting with the individual, you’re not visiting, you’re not getting that information. You’re leaving a job and in cashing out a retirement plan that jumps you a tax bracket, maybe two depending how much is in the tariff, which is not a good thing because over that because then you’re paying way too much in taxes and you really need to.

And so, having a tax professional that’s not just there for tax season. The one that is there as your partner to help you through the year, to help you with your goals, to help you when these situations arise, is helps you to get and helps you to create real results from strategies, from being there, and from helping you. See we think about it in a perfect world, which we would love a perfect world, a tax pro would work with you all year, and manage what you do not want to.

And with this, then the tax pro would then be able to help you to focus on what you love, what is what. Essentially, our goal here Cash Tracks Financials, which is what I, Marcelino Dodge want to do for you is help you, year around, help you to manage these things you don’t want to. And through virtual appointments, online appointments, secure web portal through all of these means we can do it, no matter where you are. We can have everything to help you to focus on the right strategies, and then help you to focus on getting the much better results than what you can get on your own. Because focusing on what you do best, which no matter what your profession is or what kind of business you have, it’s very important to focus on what you’re doing there and help us and allow us then to look at the strategies to help you to be even more successful.

And see we can be your partner in this, which helps us to be not just your tax professional, but then also your financial partner in your business, because as we look at the steps when we follow the steps together. You can then realize that the heavy lifting, you’re doing just is not there anymore. You’re able to focus on and people especially now, in the time that we’re in. We need to focus on building our business backup, we need to focus on areas that will help us to be successful.

And with a partner like Cash Tracks Financial in your corner to help you to identify the numbers, to help you to know, this is where you need to go, you’ll be able to achieve the best possible results that you very much possibly can. By doing so, we’ll be able to avoid wasting time, because everybody’s time is critical. I mean, my time is critical, your time is critical. Time spent in our non-profitable activities is basically wasted time. And certainly, that is what we want to avoid.

And so that’s, these areas that I’ve gone in talk about here as why, as a tax person. One who has been helping people with just doing their taxes for years. I made a big decision here, they’re actually during the pandemic because I saw there was definitely going to be a need for individuals to have assistance to work through the challenges, to be able to not just rely upon themselves but have someone that can generally rely not just to help them with their taxes, but to help them to focus, help them to be successful in both personal goals, and individual goals.

Which is why, in creating our bundles, because we have personal and business success bundles, which help us to help you to do even more to be successful in either your personal goals, or in your business goals. There’s a whole intelligent process that we use to help you to do this so that we can gather all the necessary information. Because, and do it not just one time a year or a couple times a year, but work on this together throughout the whole year putting all the necessary components in place, to helping you to gather information and put it all together in one place.

So you don’t have to do it all on your own. And by helping you with this. We’re going to help you to achieve better results than just only focusing on tax stuff. And it’s so important to not just focus on tax stuff, but as they say we need the tax stuff is just a small part of the picture, which we are happy to help with that. But we want to help you with the much bigger picture that you have. Because, taxes are just a part of our life.

We have other challenges, we have other issues that we need to get out there, we need to get some help with, we need direction on help us to focus in to achieve these better results, and thus by doing so we’ll be able to help you to do this to achieve better results, so that as a tax professional we’re giving you more than just tax services. We’re giving you financial success. We’re gonna take a quick break here and then come back and discuss a little bit more and continue to discuss about how as a tax professional, we can help you and how choosing Cash Tracks Financial and Marcelino Dodge, as your tax professional for your tax return is a wise choice.

So this is Marcelino Dodge, on The Tax Answers Advisor. Be right back here on The Voice America Business Channel.

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Are you wanting to grow wealth faster, save time and build the next egg? Hire a tax pro who makes you money and does more than just file your tax return? Marcelino Dodge of Cash Tracks Financial identifies your key numbers, works year-round to improve your numbers, and keeps you compliant and helps you achieve goals faster. Call Marcelino Dodge today, 719-336-8739 to schedule your free tax strategy review. Call 336-8739 or visit

Many people want to build wealth or grow their business faster, but do not know what specific numbers to look at that actually helped build monthly cash flow. Hire a tax pro who makes you money and does more than just file your tax return. Marcelino Dodge of Cash Tracks Financial identifies your key numbers, works a year-round to improve your numbers, keeps you compliant and helps you achieve goals faster. Schedule your free tax strategy review by calling 719-336-8739 or visit

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This is The Tax Answers Advisor with host, Marcelino Dodge. To reach our program today, please call in the number is 1-866-472-5790. That’s 1-866-472-5790. You may also send an email to Now, back to The Tax Answers Advisor.

Marcelino: Welcome back to The Tax Answers Advisor. I am Marcelino Dodge, just going along for the ride here with you, and we really appreciate you listening to the program today on the importance of wisely choosing not just a tax professional, but choosing a financial partner, an individual or business that can help you to be more successful, whether it be personally or be successful in your business even more so.

And yes, we’ve been discussing about the importance of choosing the right tax preparer because of a number of areas such as, what are the qualifications and one area here, of course, is that I am an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, which basically is I’m licensed to prepare taxes by the Internal Revenue Service, which is nice because it’s a federal designation, which is good because no matter where you live in all 50 states.

I can prepare your tax return for you. And because of technology, yes, we can indeed be able to do it all virtually, with e-signature and payments online, and being able to provide you with tax returns, and being able to always do what we can in helping you and being of course, available year around. I was talking just before the break, about our personal and business success bundles. How important these are for you as a tax payer to have this partner?

This is the partner that Cash Tracks Financial can come in and be for you. As we work together to simplify your entire financial picture we put it into its various core components so that, we help to identify where the needs are, what can be addressed, what can help you. And when we have these core components identified. We’re actually like digging in getting into that deeper level for you, so that as we go through the year we work together with you.

We do your tax return, but yet not just do the tax return, but we dig in a little bit deeper to find those areas where we could help you to perhaps do such areas as work on building an emergency fund, perhaps help you to eliminate some debt, help you to build a retirement fund as well, just kind of take each of those make our priorities. And those are just some of the examples of how we can help to know what to help you to focus on, but we don’t really know these until we sit down and discuss this with you.

And as we have this core information, all together, it helps us to define what action items we’re going to work on throughout the year. We start with whatever your number one priority is. And we work on that, we help you to work on that some of those things will be areas that you need to do as a tax payer as our client and there’s some of those areas that we need to do, so that we can help you to be successful but we’re going to help with that whole plan to find those action items.

And then of course, as we define those action items, and we move forward. What’s our progress on these goals? Well, we have our goals that we’ve established. We’re going to be helping you to track the progress on making those goals so that, you can be even more financially successful. And once again as I mentioned just numerous times here during the course of this is that, doing the tax preparation for you is important, but it’s just a part of what we’re wanting to do for you.

We’re wanting you to be successful overall, not just in the tax arena, but help you. Overall, with excellent year around support, which is to me as a tax professional, someone who’s been doing this for 20 plus years now is, I like talking to people, I will just say I like talking to people. I like being able to visit with my clients, I like being able to get to know them as people, learn about their families, learn about their needs, learn about the various aspects there, and then be able to take that and meet with them on a year-round basis.

And especially now, doesn’t have to be in person. We can sit here through a video chat, have a nice little discussion meeting, I can take some notes, I can work with you. And through that year-round support help you to perhaps make some type of adjustment that you need to make, and because of the wonders of technology, you can easily be able to send documents securely because, as a business. And as a professional here I’ve decided few years ago that we do not accept tax documents through email.

And that is for security of our clients and security of our systems. The ways that ones can send us documents not just tax documents but perhaps other documents, especially when we’re in a bundle program we may need some other documents is of course, they can fax them which that we do get some faxes still. You can hard mail them through the US mail service or another carrier if you choose.

And then of course the easiest option is through our secure web portal, which of course gets stuff basically to us immediately and securely so that we can immediately look at it. Have a tax organizer, have other organizing information that we then turn around and use to help you to be successful through the year. And of course as we work on it be they, we’re working with you as an individual, or we’re working with a business. The tax returns, and this includes, by the way, if you’re a business once we get it up and rolling, and we’re going, and we get our fees established that includes of course, taking care of your accounting as a business. If you have payroll that’ll take care of that includes your payroll. That includes also your, your W-2s at the end of the year, it includes all of your compliance filings that includes payroll compliance filings as well.

So all of that is wrapped up into one monthly fee when we come together and we discuss that in addition to helping you as a business person to be successful. Now will one of these bundles, work for you? Well, I can’t answer that, but when I can discuss it. Is that what we do offer and you can email at or call 844-394-4287, to schedule a free exploration meeting.

Yes, that initial meeting, we can do it through video chat very nicely have a free exploration meeting just to kind of get to know each other a little bit, and then be able to see, will this will one of these programs work for you, or you can actually just schedule an appointment directly through on our website there. Through our resources you can directly schedule an appointment there, or on our Facebook page – you can just go right there, and schedule a free exploration meeting just to see, what’s his program, he’s talking about.

What’s exactly going to do? Well, this free exploration meeting that we do it takes about an hour. Of course, do it through video chat and we’ll be able to help you and get to know you a little bit, and just to let you know okay this is what we’re doing, this is what, as we get to know you, we can come up with ideas, just through that hour of what we can do. And that’s why we truly feel, and I truly feel as a tax professional here that I’m not just going to be your tax professional.

I’m going to be your true financial partner in having your back to carefully look at everything, to be able to take a look at what you’re wanting to do, and what you’re wanting to accomplish in life. Take your financial goals, get them all down and organize in a very easy to read manner, then take that information and compile it, along with your goals, and then come up with what the solution is for you as an individual because that’s where it is, is that I’m looking at being a solutions person helping not only to minimize what you owe in tax, but apply intelligent solutions to be able to help you to be constantly successful and to reach goals.

We know things suddenly change, just as we saw rapidly in the year 2020. Yet, with some good planning in preparation. We can help you to prepare for 2021 and beyond. And just keep in mind if you’re still kind of on the edge there and you’re looking to consider someone to do your tax return we’re always here but keep in mind, and I have learned this through the years. There are many people out there, individuals, all they’re looking for is to make a quick buck. And what often happens, if you use one of these people to do your tax reviews, I can do it, I know how to do that, I’ve done my own for years, I’ve used this software or whatever for years, I know how to do it, I can do it. But you really think about it do you want these people, individual like that who doesn’t perhaps have any credentials, doesn’t really have the required requirements from the IRS like a P10 number.

Do they sign the tax return as a paid prepare? Do you really want to trust someone that may not even have adequate safeguards on their computer to give them all of your personal information? Because I look at your information personally, as I sit here and I use it. Your information is very sacred to me. I mean I have a secure web portal. My computers are all hard drive encrypted. We have passwords that are randomly generated on the software.

We have so many security measures in force, we got of course security software on the computers themselves, security suite that provides firewall Malware Protection provides antivirus protection. I recently upgraded my network within the office, the router and the Wi Fi all of that. And that’s even more secure than that has ever been. I use a virtual private network as well to increase even level security while I’m online.

So there’s just all these areas that you really need to think about. If you’re going to choose someone to do your tax return. What is the security level that they have within their office? Do they lock up your documents? I mean every document, I locked the front door, but every cabinet is locked, every desk drawer that has client information is locked. All of that is locked for your protection.

And so, that’s why we feel we’re the best choice for someone to use because we take all of these safeguards of your information we treat your information, like it is our own information like it is our family’s information, because it is that much of a concern to us and be in your financial partner throughout the year to help you to be successful is our goal. Because when you’re successful when we help you to be successful.

We’re successful as a business and we feel that, and we can only do such services for a limited number of people, because we want to give everybody a high level of service. So there’s only so much we can do. And once we get to a certain level. We’re stopping so right now is a unique, a real special opportunity to get on board with Cash Tracks financial, Marcelino Dodge here to get you, yourself, your business on the road to financial success.

You can always call once again 844-394-4287, email, or visit me at and schedule your free exploration meeting. So we can see if one of our wonderful bundles will be able to work for you, individually, or for your business, so that you’re not just getting a tax return, but you’re getting a financial partner one who will truly take personal interest in you and in creating your financial success.

Going to invite you all back next week, because we’re going to cover a subject with filing season beginning. Are you a Non-Filer? Have you not filed for a few years you need to get caught up? I look forward to speaking to you again next week at 9am Pacific, thanks for listening to The Tax Answers Advisor, I am Marcelino Dodge on the Voice America Business Channel.

Thank you for listening to The Tax Answers Advisor with host, Marcelino Dodge. We’ll be back again next Thursday at 12 noon Eastern time, and 9am Pacific time, on The Voice America Business Channel. We’ll have more to share next week.

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