Financial Success happens year-round not just during tax-season

Financial Success happens when you care about and act on right things, in the right order. Taxes are only part of a smarter process that should happen throughout the entire year.

The Year-Round “Care-First” Process


Phase 1 – Goals

We start by discussing exactly what you want most from your financial life and document the key elements. Your highest priority serves as the foundation for our actions

Phase 2 – Key Indicators

After goals, we analyze your key indicators to take a baseline of your current financial health. This allows us to objectively understand what things we need to take action on to help achieve your desired results.

Phase 3 – Threats

Next, we search for and neutralize any potential threats to your financial health.  This ensures all major components of your financial success are covered!important and preventable disasters are care of before they happen.

Phase 4 – Tax Reporting

Once we’ve created your action plan and executed against it all year, the last step is reporting the right tax return. We ensure you’re paying the absolute least possible in tax and make “tax-time” a breeze.