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Lamar, CO & La Junta, CO: Can I Appeal This IRS Collections Notice?

Few pieces of mail cause as much stress as a certified letter with the Internal Revenue Service in the return address area.  Then, when you open the letter you see a large balance due that you did not expect.  What can you do to navigate this challenging situation?

1. Hire a tax professional: An Enrolled Agent (EA) can represent you before the IRS, review your tax records, and provide expert guidance on how navigate the appeals process

2. Understand the Notice: An Enrolled Agent will carefully read the collections notice and help you to understand the amount owed, the reasons behind it, and the  deadline for responding, which is crucial to avoid further penalties.

3. Gather Documentation: An EA will help you to identify the relevant documents, including tax returns, payment records, and any correspondence with the IRS. The proper documentation is essential to building a case with the IRS.

4. File a Written Protest: After careful review of all the information and if you disagree with the notice, an EA will prepare to file a written protest.  The protest will clearly state the reasons for disagreement and provide supporting evidence.  The more comprehensive the protest the better.  Make sure the protest is timely filed. 

5. If Needed, Request an Appeals Conference: An EA can represent you in an appeal conference. The IRS Independent Office of Appeals operates separately from the collections division and aims to resolve disputes impartially. During the conference, your EA will present your case and any additional evidence.

6. Explore Alternative Solutions: If appealing the notice is not feasible, explore other options like installment agreements or an offer in compromise, which allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount owed. 

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