Several times during tax season we electronically file a client’s tax return, only to learn that one of the client’s legal dependents was claimed falsely on another tax return. Sometimes this is due to identity theft, which will be discussed in another blog. More often this situation arises because an ex-spouse, a grandparent, or another… Read More

You have the idea. You have the skill of a trade for which you are passionate. You believe there is a need in your area or on the internet for your services. Where to begin is BIG question. What kind of business structure should I have? A sole-proprietorship? An LLC? A Corporation? A Partnership? To… Read More

When we enter a tax preparer’s office for the first time, we are unknown and have to provide not only our W-2’s and/or business records, we often need to provide copies of prior years tax returns, social security cards for all family members, birth certificates, and other highly personal and private information.  The office either… Read More

As we look forward for the coming 2021 tax season, we can start planning for 2021 with these adjustments from the IRS: 2021 Standard deductions: Single and Married Filing Separately $12,550 Head of Household $18,800 Married Filing Jointly $25,100 Maximum capital gains rates of zero: Single and Married Filing Separately $40,400 Head of Household $54,100… Read More