Accounting FAQs

1. For what size of businesses do you provide accounting services?

We work with businesses from start-ups to mature businesses with annual sales up to $5 million.

2. Do you provide software?

Yes. We use cloud-based software that we set up for our clients with a chart of accounts. This allows clients to enter transactions, while we monitor the books and prepare reports.

3. Are balance sheets and profit and loss statements included with your services?

Yes. We prepare and upload these monthly reports to the client’s portal.

4. Can I keep using my existing software?

Maybe. We check for compatibility with our software. We review each of these cases individually.

5. Can vendors, customers, and inventory be transferred to your system?

Yes, we can transfer each of these from your prior accounting system to our system.

6. Can I use my existing check stock?

Yes. We just check to proper box in the software to get the correct check to print.

7. Can we do payroll outside of your systems?

No. All accounting clients are required to use our payroll system which compatible and integrates with the accounting system.

8. Will you need access to our online banking?

Yes. The accounting system will need to download your daily and weekly transactions.

9. How much does accounting services cost?

The monthly fee varies depending on the needs of each client. After a free mutual exploration session, we can usually provide a monthly price for accounting services.

10. How do I pay my monthly accounting fee?

All monthly fees are paid with an ACH from your business bank account. You select the deduction date from the 1-28.