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Cash Tracks Financial Inc. is an Accountant business in Lamar Colorado

Latitude: 38.093929 and Longitude: -102.620206

Cash Tracks Financial Inc. is an accountant firm in Lamar Colorado. We provide accountant tax services, tax preparer services, accounting and bookkeeping, tax advisory services, tax planning, and year round accountant services. We offer our services to individuals, married couples, small businesses, large corporations, agriculture businesses, and farmers in the Lamar Colorado area.


Latitude: 38.093929 and Longitude: 102.618369

Do you need tax services right away? The licensed accountants at Cash Tracks Financial Inc. in Lamar Colorado are available right now to help you during tax season. Taxes are a part of everyday life all year long, not just in April every year. We can help you create a tax plan with sound and safe tax planning services. We are certified to represent you before the IRS if you are having legal issues with the Internal Revenue Service. Our bookkeeping and payroll services will keep accurate records so you can avoid IRS problems in the future.


Latitude: 38.093929 Longitude: -102.614694

Are you thinking, “I can’t pay my tax bill immediately, should I file with the IRS when taxes are due? If this situation is an issue for you, contact us at Cash Tracks Financial Inc. We are an accountant firm with over 20 year experience helping people just like you, who are having difficulty paying their taxes. We provide accountant and tax advisory services to individuals/married couples, small businesses, major corporations, farmers, and agriculture industry businesses.


Latitude: 38.093929 Longitude: -102.618369

Who is the best CPA in Lamar CO? The fact is, the best CPA in Lamar Colorado is Cash Tracks Financial Inc., but we are not your basic CPA. We are an Enrolled Agent, which means we can do
everything a CPA can do for you, like prepare and file your taxes, keep accurate and balanced financial records, check for inaccuracies in your accounts, and audit individual accounts, plus we can represent you before the IRS. We have extensive knowledge and experience working on behalf of out clients dealing with the IRS. When you need a CPA, call the IRS tax experts at Cash Tracks Financial Inc.


Latitude: 38.093929 Longitude: -102.614694.

Taxes got you down? Don’t frustrate yourself with IRS and state taxes. Contact us at Cash Tracks Financial Inc. for fast, fair priced, accountant and tax accountant services.


Cash Tracks Financial Inc.
117 W Beech St
Lamar, CO 81052
(719) 336-8739
Latitude: 38.08908
Longitude: -102.62024