About Cash Tracks Financial Tax And Accountant Services

What is Tax Planning?

We believe taxes are only a small part of a much larger financial picture.  We provide our clients with expert level help to reduce taxes, to simplify accounting, and to manage all areas of their finances.   This results in each client feeling happier and making faster financial progress each year.

Who We Are

Cash Track Financial Inc.

Since 1987 Cash Tracks Financial Inc. has been known for providing fast, professional accounting and tax services. With new ownership in 2004, Cash Tracks Financial Inc. added life insurance & investment services to better serve wide variety of individual and business clients.We build relationships by going the extra mile to offer custom-tailored insight, support, and guidance for each client. As a small firm, we focus on serving the unique needs of our clients on a one-to-one basis. We are accessible, flexible, and personal.

We provide assistance for those who have changed jobs and have a retirement plan (401k, 403b, etc.) with their former employer. Our consultations include discussing both the rollover options and the tax implications.


We start by discussing exactly what you want most from your financial life and document the key elements. Your highest priority serves as the foundation for our actions


After goals, we analyze your key indicators to take a baseline of your current financial health. This allows us to objectively understand what things we need to take action on to help achieve your desired results.


Next, we search for and neutralize any potential threats to your financial health.  This ensures all major components of your financial success are covered!important and preventable disasters are care of before they happen.


Once we’ve created your action plan and executed against it all year, the last step is reporting the right tax return. We ensure you’re paying the absolute least possible in tax and make “tax-time” a breeze.

Staff Profile

Marcelino Dodge, EA, CFS

Marcelino Dodge, EA started with Mutual of Omaha in the life insurance and investment business in 1995.  Then, in 2000 Marcelino began working in the tax business.  With the original owner retiring in 2004, Marcelino jumped at the chance to buy Cash Tracks Financial Inc.  As Marcelino expanded his knowledge in individual and business taxes, he took the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) in 2005.  Upon successfully passing all four parts, he received his Enrolled Agent Certificate from the IRS in the Spring of 2006.

Marcelino is passionate about helping individuals and businesses pay as little tax as possible.  With over 20 years of  experience in tax and financial services, Marcelino is ready to help you reduce your tax burden and to reach your financial goals.  As an Enrolled Agent, Marcelino can prepare tax returns, offer financial reviews, and provide tax planning for businesses and individuals across the country.   He is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals and is the Featured Local Tax Preparer on PTIN.org. Marcelino specializes in providing services to individuals, partnerships, corporations, LLC’s, truck drivers, farms, and ranches.

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