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We work with you all year to make sure you pay as little tax as possible, so you can invest your income in retirement, education, or other ways. Our tax experts analyze and solve tax problems for you.

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We appreciate and highly value your trust in us. We are open all year, providing paperless options, and we maintain the highest standards for services while maintaining client confidentiality.

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You can stop fearing notices from the IRS or state revenue department. We help you to stay compliant with the tax agencies through personal and business tax planning. We work to maintain your finances in top condition.

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We Cover an Array of Individual & Corporate Accounting and Financial Services

Tax Preparation

Want an accounting firm that treats you like a person who matters and focuses on your individual needs? You found us! We provide professional tax and accounting services including tax preparation in Colorado Springs and tax preparation in Lamar CO.

Accounting Services

We focus on your specific needs and offer a variety of accounting packages to ensure you get the proper services. We provide accounting programs for startups, growing businesses and established companies.

Tax Resolution

Do you have any unfiled tax returns or owe back taxes? Our tax resolution service will repair or prepare your taxes, represent you before the IRS, and help you get tax relief with the IRS, freeing you from all the stress.

Personal Growth

Get Financial Success Planning to improve your personal financial situation. We provide the support you require to reach your goals. You have unlimited access to financial advisors who know your finances!

Business Growth

We create a seamless relationship between your business and personal finances. You will reach your goals quickly and understand all the components of your business through our Action Planning.

New Business

Our New Business Incubator ensures you take the proper steps to move your business from the concept stage to a functioning business. Start your business right and become profitable faster.

Information About Accountants

What Is An Accountant?

An accountant is a professional responsible for maintaining and interpreting financial records. Many accountants have a broad range of financial-related tasks. They can be responsible for clients individually or larger companies and organizations that employ them. Many other terms are used in conjunction with accountant which can cause confusion about what the career actually entails. Although accountant can sometimes be used interchangeably with bookkeeper, there are many key differences between the job titles.

Bookkeepers typically have at least an associate’s degree. They focus on financial transactions and will usually earn at least a bachelor’s degree. Accounting professionals, on the contrary, typically have at least an associate degree and focus on recording financial transactions. They are also expected to interpret financial information, rather than just gathering it. Accounting can be described as bookkeepers, but not all bookkeepers can be accountants.

A certified public accountant (CPA), is an accountant who has successfully passed the CPA exam, and met all state licensing requirements. All CPAs can be considered accountants. However, not all accountants can be CPAs. Accounting can be defined as a broad term, which covers many different roles and job titles within an organization. There are three types of accountants: public accountants, government accountants and management accountants. Each one focuses on different aspects of the profession. Both external and internal auditors are closely related. Cash Tracks Financial is an Enrolled Agent (EA). We know and perform all the functions of a CPA, however, an Enrolled Agent has special status with the IRS. As an Enrolled Agent, Cash Tracks Financial Inc. can represent clients in front of the IRS, while a CPA cannot. If you are having problems with IRS audits or other issues, we can represent you and assist in solving your problems with the IRS.

What Are An Accountant’s The Roles and Responsibilities?

While the day to day duties of an accountant can vary depending on the position and the organization, the following are the most important tasks and responsibilities for accountants:

  • Assuring financial documents are accurate and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Create important financial reports preparation and maintenance
  • Preparing and paying taxes on time
  • Evaluation of financial operations to identify and recommend best practices and strategize ways to help organizations run more efficiently
  • Offer guidance in cost reduction, revenue enhancement and profit maximization.
  • Forecasting and risk analysis assessment

Accounting professionals are legally required to act honestly and refrain from negligence. Accounting professionals are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

What Are Important Skills For An Accountant?

All accountants must have a variety of skills to succeed in their jobs. These are some of the most important skills that accountants need to be successful in their roles:

  • Attention to detail: Accountants must pay close attention to details in order to ensure that information is accurate and well-organized. It is easy to make mistakes when dealing with the volume of financial data. However, mistakes can lead to much bigger problems if not corrected. A business-savvy accountant must be able to analyze and interpret financial data accurately. A solid business foundation provides context for the financial information accountants deal with every day.
  • Computer literacy: This is a skill that professionals in this field must have to be able use to effectively work with advanced accounting software and other computer-based tools.
  • Analytical skills: Analyzing financial data is an integral part of accounting. It is crucial for identifying patterns and potential problems. Data analytics in accounting is a new trend that will have a significant impact on the industry in the future.
  • Communication skills: Accountants need to be able listen to clients, managers and other stakeholders in order to gather accurate facts and figures. Accountants must be able communicate clearly the results of their work, and then present them in written reports.
  • Mathematical skills: It is a common misconception that accountants must be proficient in math. While math skills are essential for analyzing, comparing, and interpreting data and figures, it is not necessary to be an accountant.

What Are The Top Accounting Trends?

These are the three major trends that will impact the field of accounting that impact the field of accounting now and for the future.

Accounting Automation

The popularity of popular accounting software like QuickBooks is increasing. A recent survey revealed that accountants and bookkeepers spend around 86 percent of their time on tasks which can be automated. However, this doesn’t mean that machines will replace accountants. Automation will mean that accountants will spend less time doing manual tasks such as data entry and more time performing meaningful analysis. Accounting automation can help accountants streamline their processes and increase efficiency. These technologies allow for automation of labor-intensive tasks such as tax preparation, payroll, audits, and other administrative functions to cut down on time and reduce costs.

Transparency and Security

The accounting industry is seeing a shift in focus to data security and transparency, which are two of the most significant trends. It has been crucial to maintain trust and credibility in the profession. The financial reporting process has been influenced by a broad industry push for transparency. The public has come to expect more than just basic honesty from companies reporting their financial statements. Companies are expected to disclose their financial statements to the public to provide a clear picture of their current position and to reduce market uncertainty. Accountants are also responsible for sensitive information. Therefore, strong security measures are essential to protect the client’s and the organization’s private data. Numerous data breaches in recent years have highlighted the importance of advanced security practices. Accountants will need to keep current with security measures to protect sensitive information.

Accountant Data Analysis

Accountants today are required to perform tasks that require analytic skills at increasing rates. This is largely due in part to the proliferation of data across different industries. Data analytics is used in many areas of accounting. Auditors use analytics to facilitate processes such as continuous monitoring and auditing. Accountants who serve as advisors within an organization can also use big data to spot patterns in consumer and market behavior, which could lead to higher profits and investment opportunities. To keep up with industry trends and stay competitive in the workforce, modern accountants must have an analytical mindset.



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If you’ve changed jobs, we can help with your retirement plan including 401K, 403b, or other retirement program, that you established with your previous employer. During our consultation we will discuss the options for retirement plan rollover and potential tax situations that may occur.

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"When we reorganized our business two years ago Marcelino was there to help us all the way. He helped us set up all of our accounts and takes care of our payroll every week. His expertise in tax preparation has put my mind at ease. I”m not sure what we would have done without his guidance throughout this whole process. Marcelino is knowledgeable and honest and we look for to doing business with him for years to come"

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Whether you are start-up business owner or a seasoned business owner, we are experienced in bookkeeping, payroll, and compliance services. We assist many business owners of all types including sole-proprietors, LLC’s, Partnerships, S-Corporations, and C-Corporations.  As a client, you can log in to our cloud-based accounting program to review documents and check on your financial situation.

We protect client data by only accepting information through fax, mail, drop-off, and the client portal. Client information is stored and available for client access through the secure client portal.

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